rightcolours is a Frankfurt based international creative agency for design, strategy & visual communication.

Our mission is to help companies and institutions grow, adapt, raise awareness and achieve their goals through purposeful and strategic visual communication across all relevant channels, both online and offline.

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our background

Founded in 2012 as a creative boutique agency, we’re a small, diverse group of makers bringing together experience from various creative and business domains. We share a mutual obsession for simplicity, colours and visual communication. Our achievements build on collaboration, experimentation and user-centric attention to detail.

our clients
our work

Our work encompasses graphics, animation, identity, data, web and conceptual thinking.

We work with forward-thinking companies and institutions to create motion graphics, data visualization, visual storytelling, infographics, websites, editorial designs, advertisements, branding and presentations in Germany and abroad.

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From print to digital, from static to animated, our services build on visual experiences that define how people interact with brands, how they consume data and how stories are perceived or recalled.

our capabilities

Our goal is to create coherent communication across a variety of media. Since the human brain perceives up to 80 per cent of all impressions by means of sight, any visual asset is a strategic decision to be made with purpose.


Live Action
Motion Graphics
Animated Infographics


Graphic Design
Digital + Print
Web + Mobile


Corporate Identity
Logo Design
Brand Strategy
Brand Messaging


Content Strategy
Content Architecture
Social Media Ads


Data Visualization
Data Synopsis


Responsive Websites
Content management systems
Search optimization