unbiased minds,
rewriting rules.

When two people that went to business school found and run a design agency without having ever visited art school, you have the opportunity to create a quite unique, seamless and business oriented approach. Without to take anything for granted we set out to reverse-engineer the creative process based on our own experiences, from a client's point of view - always focusing on our notion of service excellence.

“We founded rightcolours to reflect our interpretation of an environment where passion for design goes constantly hand in hand with intelligent thinking.“

Aleksandar Jovanovic

Based in Frankfurt, Germany, we have travelled and lived across several continents and felt everywhere at home, from Australia to Peru. Our team is spread across several countries and we truly enjoy being part of an international industry that enables us to work with companies around the globe.

Aleksandar Jovanovic rightcolours

Aleksandar Jovanovic.
Founding Partner & Executive Creative Director.
Alex is an entrepreneur, designer and creative director. As a self-taught multidisciplinary creative, he takes a hands-on approach on leading every project at rightcolours - from strategy and concept, to design & animation.

He has been designing and producing for clients such as UNICEF, AT&T, New York University, Columbia University and National Geographic, among many others.

He holds a bachelor's degree (B.A.) in Management as well as a Master‘s degree (M. Sc.) in Strategic Entrepreneurship.

Kristina Gluic rightcolours

Kristina Gluic.
Founding Partner & Executive Director.
Kristina wears too many hats as any job title could possibly reflect.
Project Management, Client Relations, Operations & Team Coordination, Interior Design or Art Direction are just a few to be mentioned.

She’s a strategist and makes sure that large scale projects are planned precisely, both in terms of deadlines as well as content.

She holds a bachelor's degree (B.A.) in Marketing as well as a Master‘s degree (M. Sc.) in Management.