that win pitches.

We create outstanding professional business presentations for some of the largest corporations but also SMEs and startups globally. Our presentations empower sales teams, business owners and communication experts to go far beyond the standard look of powerpoint presentations and to capture their audience with an exceptional experience. Our design is custom, our content is precise and we have a track record of creating slide decks that help our clients win pitches.

Our presentations helped to raise external funding and approve internal budgets worth
> $50 Million
in the last 5 years.

We truly feel honored to have supported so many ventures from concept to approval across various industries. Every single project has helped us to learn and to refine our approach for future projects. Our presentations have been used for external investment pitches with banks, internal marketing budget approvals, public sector grants or startup seed funding.

Custom visuals with a
distinctive design that goes far
beyond standard

Every business faces unique challenges but ideally also possesses its own USPs. That‘s why it is imperative to sell those unique selling points with a design language that will truly convey exceptionalism. We believe that standard, template-based powerpoints will achieve exactly the opposite. Just imagine Apple trying to promote its next-generation iPhone using standard cliché stock photography.

We focus on the opposite. Custom design, precise content and professional visual identity that speaks for itself. The whole experience should be focused, simple and friendly, providing the audience with digestible pieces of the most important data.

Our key asset is the professional background that enables us to contribute with real business
to our clients‘ projects.

Unlike the majority of agencies in our industry, we have a track record of working in banking and consulting. Having extensive academic and professional backgrounds in business-related fields enables us to look at presentations from a business perspective and not just from a designer‘s point of view. We understand data and technology and our clients truly appreciate the added value of working with a design team that understands data, technology, and complex math.

Our studio is based in Frankfurt but we collaborate with clients globally. If you have a project in mind; big or small, we’d love to hear from you.

If your project brief contains sensitive information, feel free to send us your Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to and we‘ll sign it before any communication has taken place.