IG Metall.

ITK Entgelterhebung Compensation Platform.

Invited to participate in a closed crowd-working contest on Jovoto, we won first place with our design concept for an industry-wide interactive online employee compensation platform (ITK Entgelterhebung) for Germany’s largest trade union, IG Metall.

IG Metall conducted a big survey on salaries and working conditions amongst IT and communication workers - the “ITK Entgelterhebung”.  Until now, the results have only been available as a print brochure or e-book of around 140-160 pages. In order to increase awareness about and spread use of the ITK Entgelterhebung, to make it generally more popular and impactful, IG Metall was looking to digitalize it fully and transform it into an interactive online platform.

To collect a variety of different ideas and concepts for the project, IG Metall conducted a crowd-working contest on the Jovoto platform with 12 hand-selected designers/agencies over the course of 2 weeks.

We are proud that our design concept was selected as the winner by the client and thus licensed for the implementation.
Due to licensing restrictions, we are required to remove any client branding/logo/naming elements from the designs below.