Brand Identity & Website Redesign.

Smartiply decided to totally revamp their website & brand and approached us to take the creative lead to help create a more fresh look that would reflect their growth and future aspirations. We designed a strong and recognizable new brand identity focused on a unique brand experience with a consistent design language.

A full top to bottom rebrand is not just a challenging task for the design team, it also demands an incredible amount of dedication from the client in terms of leadership, focus and decision making.

Defining a new brand means saying "no" to hundreds of optional paths and saying "yes" to one single strategic brand positioning. Colours, shapes, logo style, typography, graphics… They all set a direction for how current and future clients will interpret the brand, its products, and their people. Thus the process requires a strong vision not just from the external agency but also from the client’s leadership team that needs to invest a considerable amount of time and thoughts into evaluating approaches, refining strategic assets and providing consistent feedback.

Smartiply really put heart and soul into this project. They were not hesitant to try new things and to devote valuable resource to get everyone aligned on a common design strategy. The collaboration was very fruitful and we were able to try many different things initially before we established a logo design that partially builds on their old logo but completely changes the brand experience. This was our starting point to step by step revamp every part of the brand, creating an experience that would reflect the client’s unique approach in the area of fog computing and IoT.

Finally, we re-created their website with the new branding and consistent visual identity that is reflected in every single icon, graphic or video we have produced as part of the project.