Our Interpretation of Visual Micro Content for Social Media in 2020.

07 January 2020
1-2min read / 284 words
by Aleksandar Jovanovic
Visual Micro Content for Social Media
Credit: rightcolours | www.rightcolours.com

We regularly create and publish visual micro content on our social media channels. Most of the time we focus on eye-catching micro storytelling with data visualizations and infographics such as the samples below.  

Our core criteria for such projects is to share informative data in a concise manner through easily digestible visuals. Transforming in-depth research studies into shareable, bite-sized micro-stories is our contribution to replace the amount of time-consuming digital noise with meaningful content. The intention behind our content strategy is that every moment of our audience counts and that we aim to provide „value for attention“.

We believe that there is already so much digital noise online so that content and engagement quality in social networks should also be judged in terms of actual time taken from a viewer vs. value provided.

While a few years ago, we would have argued that the currency of the internet is clicks, engagement, and conversions - we feel that today we should also incorporate “value for time“. How much value for time is our content generating? Other metrics focus too much on taking time away from a user so that the executed strategy behind may end up not working for a digitally jaded audience in 2020.

Since we are all competing for that scarcest of modern world resources — attention, we should be very careful how much of this resource our content actually consumes.

So instead of sharing one big idea, why not producing shorter, more visual, more frequent and to the point micro storytelling for niche audiences? According to Tricia Nichols, Senior Vice President, Consumer Marketing at Estee Lauder Companies, “It’s smaller, more frequent narratives that will deepen connections and create bonds with people“.[1]